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Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you for allowing us to live in San Benito County. May we
always be grateful for its blessings.
Thanksgiving Prayer

Thank you for allowing us to live in San Benito County. May we always be grateful for its blessings.

Thank you for its rolling hills, verdant green in winter and toasty gold in summer; for the majestic Three Sisters, Santa Ana and Fremont Peaks; for the oak-studded reaches of south county; for the beautiful Cienega Valley.

Thank you for the incredible Pinnacles National Monument whose crenellated peaks, bat-filled caves, trails and lakes challenge our bodies and relax our anxious minds. May its beauty and peace revitalize all who visit.

Thank you for the abundant wildlife, the deer and the wild turkeys, the fierce wild pigs, the Stygian buzzards sitting atop fence posts in cruciform poses with wings outstretched in the warm sun. Thank you for the rich choir of birds, for the (Whoa, doggies, dare I say this?) yipping coyotes.

Thank you for the agriculture; the farmers and ranchers who feed us; the San Juan Valley with its purple sprays of irrigation; our massive range cattle dotting the expanses of large ranches; our apricots and walnuts and apples; our wine grapes, our magnificent horses. Thank you for the creeks and rivers – even the orange ones – and the agricultural water sustaining us.

Thank you for the friends and family comprising the fabric of our lives. Thank you for the many men and women who work in nonprofit organizations, both paid and volunteer, to make this a wonderful place to live; to the entrepreneurs who create jobs and opportunities close to home; for the elected officials in whom we place our trust and our future; for the children who light our hearts. Thank you for the warmth and kindness we share in our special community.

Thank you for organizations like the YMCA, the Hollister Recreation Department, 4-H, Boy and Girl Scouts, and the San Benito Stage Company for providing activities for our children. We are thankful for the hard work behind the scenes by so many dedicated people.

Thank you for the Hollister historic district for a glimpse into the rich past of our town; for Colonel Hollister and Lucy Brown, and all the others with vision who built this town. Thank you for the unique and colorful businesses there, many of which enrich our lives with classes, services, and material delights.

Thank you for Hazel Hawkins’ grandfather, who took the lesson from her tragic death and created a hospital so others could live; bless the doctors, the nurses, the support staff, the technicians, the administration, and the volunteers. Thank you for our dentists, our therapists, our counselors.

Thank you for our educational opportunities, our teachers, our school boards, our administrators. Bless them with wisdom and kindness as they face the daily challenges of teaching our kids.

May our community never have a need without finding a hero to step forward and meet it. May we have peace and gratitude in our hearts as we join around Thanksgiving tables great and small.

And may we all be kind to our Realtors.

Nants Foley is a Broker Associate with Intero Real Estate Services. Contact her at 831.630.1300 or e-mail [email protected]

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