World must join to address Saddam


World leaders must work harder to join together when it comes to
a possible war with Iraq.
World leaders must work harder to join together when it comes to a possible war with Iraq.

The United States and Europe need one another, and the world requires that we all come to an agreement.

Yes, we have differences, but they should be worked on and not glossed over.

The most recent gap between America and Europe occurred Monday when France, Germany and Belgium vetoed NATO’s plan to aid Turkey if war broke out with Iraq.

The French, Germans and Belgians said the planning jump-starts “the logic of war,” an avenue they do not want to travel as long as diplomacy is still an option.

Along with France’s and Germany’s opposition to the U.S. position on Iraq in the U.N. Security Council, Monday’s veto was the most divisive North Atlantic split since the late 1970s when the United States wanted to put medium-range ballistic missiles in Europe. Europeans did not want them, and because both the U.N. Security Council and NATO work on consensus, such a gap indicates marked differences in responding to world security issues.

These differences, however, have taken place during the past two centuries as the United States and Europe have switched places in power.

When Europe was strong, the United States was weak and we used commerce, international law and diplomacy instead of aggressive diplomacy. However, as the balance of power switched, so has the role of power.

Europe is now weak and the United States is strong. So, European leaders favor diplomacy and we, impatient, use stones.

The point is, these differences are real and must be considered. It would be harmful for the U.N. Security Council to allow Saddam Hussein to continue his course in history, and it would also be harmful for the United States and our willing allies to address Saddam without the backing of the council and the assistance of NATO.

Iraq’s leader is a real menace to peace in the world. However, we should be asking, can the world join together as one and address Saddam?

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