Not un-American to protest, but it’s time to roll

Dear Editor:

This is one of those times I worry about myself. I find myself agreeing with the spirit of Mary Zanger’s letter of Feb. 21.

Except for the terrorist cells, I believe almost everyone in this country could learn “to live together in mutual respect, peace, and cooperation.”

We could continually enjoy the prosperity of a decreased (some say depleted) defense budget that made the 1990s so prosperous.

However, when you have a perfect stranger that will kill a 3-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother as their mother reads bedtime stories then kill the mother for whatever reason, and a group of his compatriots blows up a nightclub for the same reason, and a group of his compatriots flies airplanes into buildings for the same reason, and a group – well, you can connect the dots. There are a lot of dots.

Mary, you are not un-American for speaking out, just misguided.

Such individuals do not have a drop of humanity in their body. Their violence should beget violence – PROFESSIONAL violence applied in large doses with vigor will end random violence. It is time to get it on.

Let’s roll.

Marvin L. Jones


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