COVER 3 for CMAP shooters

We’ve got the newly trained volunteers, and we’ve got the video
equipment. Now we need something to shoot!
We’ve got the newly trained volunteers, and we’ve got the video equipment. Now we need something to shoot!

Many of our volunteers aren’t ready to jump headfirst into producing their “masterpiece.” They want to try shooting and editing something else in order to get their feet wet. That’s why CMAP is pushing a new project called COVER 3, which stands for Community Outreach Volunteer Events Reporter.

The goal of COVER 3 is to cover one event in each of the three cities we serve every month. It’s a tough goal to meet because it will take several willing and able volunteers, but we’re going to aim high and see what happens.

COVER 3 volunteers are trained CMAP members who are probably first-time producers. They aren’t pros, and their work will probably not end up on CBS; however, they’re willing to cover your community event and get it on Public Access channel.

COVER 3 projects may include street fairs, a book reading, a live musical performance or a conference. It may be a sporting event or a health fair for the community. COVER 3 is about promoting the local faces and happenings in Hollister, Gilroy and San Juan Bautista. If you have an idea for COVER 3, e-mail our Operations Manager Kelly Abbott at [email protected].

…Or perhaps you’d like to produce a COVER 3 event? Great! Here’s how it works.

Take a CMAP Orientation. It’s a free two-hour workshop about how to use CMAP for making a TV show or movie. Then you take the two-hour Producer’s Seminar at CMAP. We’ll teach you how to script a video and how to produce a project on zero budget (as most of us do.).

Next, you may need to learn how to use our camcorders if you don’t have your own. We teach people how to use our cameras, tripods, mics and lighting kit in our Field Production Workshop. Even if you do have your own camera, this might be a fun refresher on how to shoot good video in the field.

After you’ve mastered the camera, it’s on to editing. Our basic digital editing workshop is a cinch. We teach you how to use the “Screenplay” editing system. If you’ve ever used imovie, you can learn this in a heartbeat. If you barely know how to work your VCR, never fear. CMAP staff trains even the most amateur and inexperienced budding video producer.

Now you’re ready to go… or maybe you want some more time to practice. Not a problem. CMAP has LAB hours four days a week.

You can call and reserve time to practice with our cameras, editing suites, or studio equipment. When you feel confident enough to take the plunge, Kelly will assign you a COVER 3 event to shoot. Believe me – there is a lot of hand-holding here. Kelly or other staff at CMAP will assist you in coming up with a shooting strategy and script.

We want this to work for you, and to be a fun experience! When you reserve time to edit, there will be someone here to assist you in the process, or just offer you an opinion on your rough cut.

That rewarding feeling comes when you’re at home in the Lazy Boy and you flip to the channel. There you catch the tail end of your video, savoring the moment when the credit rolls by that says, “DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY…” …you.

If you’re interested in COVER 3, check out the link on our Web page:

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