Every 32 Minutes

154029~Every 15 Minutes delivers a sobering message—San Benito
High School juniors and seniors should have learned one of the most
important lessons of their academic careers, if not their lives,
this week as the Every 15 Minutes program brought a grim reality to
the classroom Tuesday and Wednesday. The lesson: Every 15 Minutes
someone in the U.S. dies in an alcohol-related traffic
Thank you for focusing on the education piece of this program and how it was desperately needed in San Benito. With programs like this and tougher drinking laws the statistics have shown that fewer people across the nation are making the poor choice – the choice to drink and drive. Parents: Love your kids enough to NOT give them alcohol. If they are drinking at home with you, then you’ve made it “okay” for them to drink other places without your knowledge. SBHS Students: You have the ultimate choice. Choose Life.

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