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Cheers the end of recalls; jeers for water fights
Gas suit hits people in the pocket book


I have to say that I think it was really stupid in my opinion that Dassel’s has filed a lawsuit that I thought was not going to be in their favor. Dassel’s has been in business for enough years for the owners to probably retire and have a lot of money to enjoy a great life as well as free gas!

There are a lot of families that can’t afford to buy gas at Dassel’s and the other small family owned businesses because of their high cost. Safeway is not only a great store to shop at but also has the convenience of the gas station right there. I know what Dassel’s did is really going to anger a lot of local people in this small community that don’t make a whole lot of money especially with the high cost of living and the major cost of gas.

I have used Dassel’s for my propane tank at my home for a few years. I can tell you that came to an end as soon as I read the article.

Colleen Rovai, Hollister

Boxer Q&A was a knockout


The sports article “Coffee with Kelsey” was an excellent interview. As usual you have scored a knockout. Your selection of questions and the ensuing answers from Kelsey provide an insight into what makes this outstanding athlete tick. You have elicited the essence of a fighter for your readers.

Bruce Anderson, via e-mail

Family Fun Festival was a great success

Dear Editor,

The Leadership San Benito County Class of 2005 owes you a debt of gratitude. We held our Family Fun Festival on Saturday, June 18th to raise money for the Chamberlain’s Children Center and it was a tremendously huge success and we are so very grateful for your support.

Our class, with other volunteers from the community, was out there all day running the even with many of the children helping and just having fun with all the activity literally in their from yard. Cars were parked up and down San Benito Street and people continued to stream in as late as 1pm even with a 2pm closing time.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous contribution that helped us to raise awareness and financial support for the Chamberlain’s Children Center. Without you, we would not have been able to make such a difference in the children’s outlook on life. They now know that they are cared about and thought of by the community, and for these children that makes a huge difference.

Committee for Chamberlain’s Children Center Project, Leadership San Benito County, Class of 2005

Volunteer with foreign exchange students


I would like to take this time to applaud the local families who opened their homes to international exchange students. It is the time of year when schools are out and families take a moment to pause and consider not only the year past, but also the year to come. Students from Brazil, Germany, South Korea, and Norway had been staying with these families since last August. And now August approaches again; the time where past students will be replaced by record numbers of new students from as many as thirty-five different countries.

All this is made possible by the support and care of local volunteers working for Pacific Intercultural Exchange (P.I.E.). Volunteers serve as mentors to the students throughout the school year. They help by first interviewing the potential families. Once the students arrive, they meet with the families, students, and the schools once a month, either in person or by telephone, to help them adjust to one another. At the same time, the volunteers develop friendships with the students that can last a lifetime.

More volunteers in the community are desperately needed to help with the new arrivals. Those who are interested are urged to contact me right away at 866-234-9923. Experience is not necessary, as training will be provided.

Many thanks to all the families for a great year, and thanks in advance for the wonderful families to come.

Cindy Knight

Rally riders teach us about berserk government


Love ’em or hate ’em, we are once again indebted to our Independence Day Rally guests for the valuable transport lessons that they gave to us. But do the Council of Government’s Directors get it? Our 120,000 guests, like other folks, average six trips per day. So, if they all took County Transit for one month, that would give COG’s County Transit 216 million monthly “ridership,” or 2.592 billion annual “ridership.” At COG’s current operating loss rate, COG’s operator M.V. Transportation, Inc., would receive taxpayer subsidies of 216 million x $21,722, equalling $4,691,952,000,000 per month, or 12 times that amount for the annual taxpayers subsidy.

Since San Benito County gets back only 11 cents of each dollar of tax we send to Sacramento, to get back the money to pay the operator for County Transit riders’ rides for one month we would have to send 8.9 x $4,691,952,000,000 = $41,758,372,000,000.00. Multiply that number by 12 for the annual operating subsidy. That is just for operating expenses. Since COG’s financial reports exclude capital and fixed costs, you must add 189 percent of the equipment and facilities purchase prices to get the total expenditure of tax dollars.

Transit advocates call this “success.” I call it berserk government, sure to ruin America before the socialists‚ Marxist-Leninist “utopia” is ever found.

Will COG’s Directors continue to take us places that we don’t want to go? Will they stubbornly cling to their policy of Transit First? Now before they spend $1 on highway safety improvements they must find that all “unmet needs” of transit riders have been satisfied.

If they won’t alter course, we should start preparing SBC’s Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition and schedules now, including termination of public services, e.g., education, law enforcement, fire fighting, etc., and elimination of all pension obligations for retired government employees.

If we privatized public transit, we could avoid this trainwreck. But COG’s Directors insist that they are right, so they blindly plunge ahead.

Will they learn the lesson before it’s too late? Caveat Viator!

Joe Thompson, Tres Pinos

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