Parents Offer Help and Ideas

The following events, organizations and people deserve either a
Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down this week:
THUMBS UP: To parents of San Benito High School students enrolled in the school’s Navy Junior ROTC program. SBHS administrators, saying that the program is expensive and suffers from low enrollment, plan to cut the ROTC for next year. Parents have responded in force, even saying that they will attempt to raise the money and enrollment the program needs to continue. While the administrators’ concerns about funding and enrollment are valid, it’s good to see parents rallying for something positive that their children value.

THUMBS DOWN: To the San Benito Stage Company lawsuit that is seeking to force another local theater group to change its name. Both of these organizations provide an artistic outlet for locals, and they should not get bogged down by petty legal disputes.

THUMBS UP: To the Hollister City Council, acting as the Redevelopment Agency, for donating the old Fremont School property to the California Superior Courts. The land transfer will show the state that San Benito County is serious about getting new court facilities built as soon as possible. Also, if the Fremont property ultimately becomes the site of the new court, it will be good for the downtown businesses that rely on customers from the court.

THUMBS UP: To Sheriff Curtis Hill, who found the funds to help a local woman have a tattoo removed from her forehead. The tattoo, which read “5150,” made it difficult for San Juan Bautista native Eileen Cole to find employment – 5150 is the California Welfare and Institutions code section for a dangerous person with a mental disorder.

THUMBS DOWN: To lead ammunition that is poisoning condors. There may be a need for shooting rodents and other small pests that thrive during spring and summer, but hunters need to think about the unintended consequences of their actions and choose safer ammunition that won’t harm the endangered birds.

THUMBS UP: To survey results that showed that more San Benito High School students either are or want to attend college. It reflects well on the school that a higher number of students are looking forward to furthering their educations.

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