Hollister Goes on Star Watch When Pam and Kid Come to Town

Wow, that was quite a buzz generated last week by the visit of
Kid Rock and Pam Anderson-Lee-Anderson-Rock and their traveling
wedding show.
Wow, that was quite a buzz generated last week by the visit of Kid Rock and Pam Anderson-Lee-Anderson-Rock and their traveling wedding show.

We don’t get many celebs in these parts – at least not the ones who are famous for running in slow motion on a beach-based television show – so it deservedly was big news.

Tuesday’s Free Lance thought enough of the story to run it across the top of the front page, a layout deemed worthy of only the important news stories. There was even a shot of Kid Rock in our very own San Benito County. It was great. I thought I was reading The New York Post.

The upsetting part of their visit is that they didn’t get married here and that my dad didn’t perform the ceremony. Before the duo arrived in town, my dad – a retired judge who can run a couple through their vows quicker than I can order a Happy Meal at McDonald’s – received a phone message asking if he would be available that Friday night to perform a wedding for Kid and Pam at Leal Vineyards.

By the time he got the message, his services weren’t needed anymore. What a letdown. He’s helped a number of nice people get hitched, but this would have been a career-capper.

Sure, my dad might have said, “Kid Rock, you’ve done this enough, how about you let me kiss the bride?” but now we’ll never know.

As it turns out, the couple did consider tying the knot in our little county but had a change of plans. I think they heard that everybody in Hollister knows everybody else’s business, so they were content to just enjoy their time at the winery and at The Cantina in Tres Pinos.

Come to think of it, wasn’t Pam’s nickname for first husband Tommy Lee “Tres Pinos”?

Anyway, over the weekend I put on my reporter’s hat and called Kid Rock’s agent in Nashville to see if he could confirm or deny the wedding plans. By the time he got back to me on Sunday, we knew the answer.

There would be no wedding. My dad would get no hug from Pam. Kid and Pam would not be naming their child Fairview or Nash in honor of their Hollister nuptials. Airline Highway Anderson has a nice ring to it, though.

Like so many celebrities before them – well, maybe one or two – their stay in San Benito County was to be a brief one.

They are welcome back any time, if you ask me. How cool would it be to see Pam at Sacred Heart School’s Casino Night at Bolado Park, outbidding a soccer mom for a horseback riding lessons while Kid Rock is playing craps at a nearby table?

Or the couple could ride on a flatbed truck in the Saddle Horse Show parade and wave to people along San Benito Street.

“What, Jimmy? No, Mr. Rock is telling us all we’re number one. He’s just using a different finger than we use here.”

Alas, we Hollisterites may never know what it’s like to be the home of big-time celebrities – at least not until the sewer moratorium is lifted. But the door is always open.

Kid Rock for City Council!

Adam Breen teaches journalism and yearbook at San Benito High School and is former editor of The Free Lance. He has never watched Pam Anderson in “Stacked” or “Baywatch” – honest – but he does own a Kid Rock CD.

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