49 Disaster is Disaster for Mustangs

It’s a formation dubbed

49 Disaster

by the two players it prominently features.
It’s a formation dubbed “49 Disaster” by the two players it prominently features.

It was added to the San Benito repertoire this week and it’s not likely to leave any time soon.

The debut of 49 Disaster occurred late in the second quarter. The ‘Balers were leading 10-0 and were facing second-and-goal at the 5-yard line.

Into the backfield trotted senior linebackers Johnny Sanchez and Nate Mendoza, whose jersey numbers of 4 and 9 prompted the name 49 Disaster.

With Sanchez and Mendoza working as lead blockers, senior fullback Tim Lango plunged into the end zone for the touchdown and a 16-0 lead.

“It was so much fun,” Sanchez said.

The 49 Disaster show wasn’t over. In fact, it was just getting started.

Midway through the third quarter, San Benito was in a fourth-and-3 situation with the ball at the Gilroy 43.

Sanchez and Mendoza again lined up in the backfield. The handoff went to Lango toward the left and the linebacking pair both made hellacious blocks as Lango sprinted for a 43-yard TD run and a 22-0 lead.

Two plays for 49 Disaster, two touchdowns. Pretty impressive, but still not finished.

That 22-0 lead eventually whittled down to a 22-13 lead after a 7-yard touchdown run by Gilroy’s Marc Vegas.

When Kevin Burley recovered the ensuing onside kick for the ‘Balers, it became time to run down the clock.

Which meant some premiere blocking was needed. Enter 49 Disaster.

Lango had a modest 5-yard run on the first play of the drive. The next play, with all the blocking (including Sanchez and Mendoza) going to the left, quarterback Ronnie Fhurong bootlegged to the right and went untouched 50 yards for the touchdowns.

For 49 Disaster, that’s four plays, 103 yards, three touchdowns and a fifth straight Prune Bowl victory for San Benito.

I’d say that’s a mighty fine package to keep in the offensive game plan.

“We better,” Sanchez said.

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