Letters to the Editor (July 31)

City Should Focus on Ag, Industry Over Condos, Retail


With the increased truck tonnage moving across San Benito County, and the introduction of Mexican trucking companies in USA domestic services under NAFTA (after nine years of litigation), here’s another reason why we need to preserve our rail artery connecting us – and our shippers and receivers, including agricultural – to the North American rail network.

Converting scarce rail-served industrial sites to “mixed-use” condos and retails will get us deeper into the trouble into which our government socialist planners have already got us. Job creation – not minimum wages, as in waitresses and waiters in restaurants and bars – should be our top priority. Since SBC cannot duplicate Gilroy’s retail, or MH’s technology sector, then we ought to focus on our unique resources – ag, rail and land. Caveat Viator.

Joe Thompson, Tres Pinos

Plant’s Open House Has Poor Showing by Hollister Citizens


Friday July 27, an open house was held at the sewage treatment plant. I’m sorry to say that the turnout was poor at best.

But what else would you expect from the citizenry of Hollister? Quick to attack the plan, to jump up and down and scream about the high cost of the facility, but when the opportunity presents itself to come out and see what’s being done and the progress that’s being made, no one has the time or the inclination to get up and get out there and check it out. That’s sad.

It’s true that there isn’t a lot to see – lots of block work, concrete and steel – but it’s still progress. Maybe when the next open house comes along, and it will, the media will do a better job of letting the public know that it’s on.

There will, by then, be equipment in place and a lot more to see. It’s a citizen’s duty to be informed, and getting out and seeing where your tax dollars and fees are being spent is a big part of that.

Dave Pollard, Hollister

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