Cowboy down

Tie-down roper Sid Humphrey chases down a calf during the 2008 rodeo. The 2009 San Benito County Saddle Horse Show & Rodeo begins tonight.

Alex Naccarato awarded Senior All-Around Arena and the Bob
Randick Memorial Perpetual All-Around Senior Arena Award at county

The 2008 San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo went off without a hitch last weekend at Bolado Park in Hollister.

The following are the All-Around winners, as well as winners from Sunday’s track events and Sunday’s arena winners.

Senior All-Around Arena: Alex Naccarato; Bob Randick Memorial Perpetual All-Around Senior Arena Award: Alex Naccarato; Senior All-Around Track: Tina Mansmith; Junior All-Around: Levi Mansmith.

Event Champions

Cattle Sorting: Bob Pivetti, Larry Sonniksen and Jay Jones, 50.19. Figure 8 Roping: Dean Bell. Cowhide Race: Joe Spencer and Ian Barth, 15.298. Circular Track Race: Danielle Goodan. Tie-down Roping (two-day total): Sid Humphrey, 47.65. Wild Cow Milking: Shannon Arzie, Jason Azevedo and James Shoemate, 33.61. Bull Riding: Ronnie Barnes. Senior Barrel Racing (two-day total): Tracy Brooks-Mezera, 35.269. Bronc Riding: Sam Swan. Family Dally Team Roping: Frank Brown and Brittany Brown, 9.39. Dally Team Roping (two-day total): Zach Riedenger and Mark Carreiro, 28.84. Bull Doggin’ (two-day total): James Dassel, 14.57. Wild Horse Race: Ken Griffin, Alex Naccarato and Cody Perry. Junior Single Steer Stopping (two-day total): Blane Strohn, 13.41. Junior Barrel Racing, 12-15 years (two-day total): Haley Pezzini, 35.695. Junior Barrel Racing, 6–11 years (two-day total): Cheyenne Rey, 35.614. Junior Keyhole Racing, 12-15 years: Alyssa Abercrombie, 9.95. Junior Ribbon Racing: Laila Stelling and Haylie Stelling, 9.267.

Sunday’s Track Events

Parade Winners:

Junior Cowgirl: Grace Castillo; Junior Cowboy: Brenden Nino; Senior Cowgirl: Carolyn Renz; Senior Cowboys: Bill Donati; Ranch Group: Brewen Ranch.

Best Working Outfit (girls 4-7 years): 1, Kylie Askew; 2, Grace Castillo; 3, Cora Schwabacher; 4, Jenna Fields; 5, Sierra Stadtler. Best Working Outfit (boys 4-7 years): 1, Seth Hernandez; 2, Brenden Nino; 3, Tucker Bourdet; 4, Garrett Mansmith; 5, Clay Hubbell. Circular Track Race: 1, Danielle Goodan; 2, Ramon Delgado; 3, Donald Hennagan Sr. Junior Keyhole Race (girls and boys 6-11 years): 1, Madison Hawkes, 13.96; 2, Garrett Bourdet, 14.06; 3, Brenden Nino, 14.25; 4, Avrie Hubbell, 15.53. Hackamore Horse: 1, Shelly Franklin, showing Mark; 2, Ramona Koch, showing Tuckers Smart Okie; 3, Anne Morris, showing Coco Merada, rider Joe Morris; 4, Frank Lee, showing Ron Dee Lena. Figure 8 Roping: 1, Dean Bell; 2, Joe Spencer; 3, Scott Spencer; 4, Justin Fields, Chad Zgragen and Ross Ketcham (tie). Open Stockhorse: 1, Tina Mansmith, showing Cutter Chex n Half; 2, Marge Correa, showing Smarty Tommy Socks, rider Ramona Koch; 3, Arleah Fields, showing Nu Calboy; 4, Shelly Franklin, showing Splash. Best Appearing Cowhorse Without Saddle: 1, Susie Lomanto; 2, Mary Roberts; 3, Tracy Parks; 4, Becky Ford; 5, Marge Correa. Cattle Sorting: 1, Bob Pivetti, Larry Sonniksen and Jay Jones, 50.19; 2, Dick Coefield, Jeannie Coefield and Richie Coefield, 1:05.91; 3, Allison Renz, Shannon Renz & Carolyn Renz, 1:35.51; 4, Terry Andrade, Jamie Andrade-Fowles & Lisa French, 1:42.40.

Sunday’s Arena Events

Bull Riding: 1, Ronnie Barnes. Junior Ribbon Racing (boys and girls 6-15 years): 1, Laila Stelling and Haylie Stelling, 9.267; 2, Claire Neubauer and Sarah Morris, 12.091. Dally Team Roping (two-day total): 1, Zach Riedenger and Mark Carreiro, 28.84; 2, Mark Skow and Pat Hagins, 30.75; 3, Brad Melton and Jeff Melton, 38.07; 4, Donnie Marcus and Ken Griffin, 40.96. Tie-down Roping (two-day total): 1, Sid Humphrey, 47.65; 2, Chad Zgragen, 56.77; 3, Marc Stelling, 65.83; 4, James Dassel, 32.80 (one day only). Senior Barrel Racing (two-day total): 1, Tracy Brooks-Mezera, 35.269; 2, Katie Vest, 35.868; 3, Wendy Sans, 36.113; 4, Casey Brooks, 36.263. Bronc Riding: 1, Carson Bourdet; 2, Zach Dunlap; 3, Jeff Rianda. Cowhide Race: 1, Joe Spencer and Ian Barth, 15.298; 2, Dana Aviles and Tom Doty, 17.966; 3, Nicole Gere and Josh Freitas, 19.515; 4, Audra Bourdet and Geoffrey Barry, 32.676. Bull Doggin’: 1, Kenny Holthouse, 6.84; 2, Cody Anthenien, 19.00. Wild Cow Milking: 1, Joe Spencer, Alex Naccarato and Joe Perry, 44.64; 2, J.W. Brewen, Casey Sabin and Andy Barrington, 57.71; 3, Scott Spencer, Jeff Cabral and Bill Yuste, 1:09.98; 4, Jerad Renz, John Donati and Ross Ketcham, 1:32.87. Family Dally Team Roping: 1, Dana Aviles and Billy Aviles, 9.70; 2, John Wiersma and Robi Jo Wiersma, 12.15; 3, David Porteur and Danielle Craig, 14.12. Wild Horse Race: 1, Ken Griffin, Alex Naccarato and Cody Perry, 1:22.32; 2, Adolfo Nunez, Ruben Nunez and Carlos Uscanga, 2:33.85.

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