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Editor’s Note:
Effective in next week’s edition, The Pinnacle will not publish
letters endorsing candidates or ballot measures on the Nov. 4
ballot. It is the newspaper’s policy not to print endorsement
letters in the last weeks prior to an election.
We encourage voters to take the time to inform themselves of the
candidates’ qualifications and views, and to study the state and
local ballot measures before them. And on Nov. 4, please vote.
-Mark Paxton, publisher
Editor’s Note:

Effective in next week’s edition, The Pinnacle will not publish letters endorsing candidates or ballot measures on the Nov. 4 ballot. It is the newspaper’s policy not to print endorsement letters in the last weeks prior to an election.

We encourage voters to take the time to inform themselves of the candidates’ qualifications and views, and to study the state and local ballot measures before them. And on Nov. 4, please vote.

-Mark Paxton, publisher

Consider the other side of Prop. 8

In the Oct. 10 article “Marriages at Stake,” proponents of Proposition 8 were not given equal coverage in a nearly full-page article. Perhaps this letter may help to fix that. As mentioned in the article, homosexual couples already enjoy “very similar” legal rights under California’s domestic partnership laws as traditional married couples and marriage is a “title” to them. It is changing the definition of that title that most of the country has concerns with and the main reason behind Prop 8.

Love and commitment exist inside and outside of marriage. That is not what we are voting on with Prop. 8. Marriage has always been a legal contract between a man and a woman to authorize the use of procreative powers to bring children into the world. It gives children certain rights and makes a married couple accountable to that child and each other. In the name of tolerance, it would be nice to see others, including the Pinnacle, “tolerate” the traditional definition of marriage and allow us the right to keep that title as it always has been intended.

I would encourage the Pinnacle to print the opinion “Protecting Marriage to Protect Children” by David Blankenhorn, a liberal Democrat, in the L.A. Times on Sept. 19 to give equal coverage to the proponents of Prop. 8 on this matter. If not, your readers can find this article online.

Rob Eggers


Perry is effective

I am writing this letter in support of Ken Perry’s candidacy for District 2 director of the San Benito County Water District. While relations between the city of Hollister and the San Benito Water District were rocky in the early 2000s, the two agencies now work together in a collaborative and trusting manner. Ken Perry’s work was critical in building that relationship. Some examples of Ken Perry’s leadership include:

· Negotiating a new water contract with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation giving the water district a stable rate structure for future capital repayment.

· Being a member of the water supply committee that worked to bring the water district an additional 1,500 acre feet of water this year.

· Has been, and is, a key member of the governance committee that helped complete the Hollister Urban Area Water and Wastewater Master Plan which will help ensure a long-term, high quality, reliable water supply for the area.

· Worked with the water district staff to develop banking agreements allowing the district to store water in wet years for return to the district in dry years.

· Playing a key role in representing the water district as a supporting agency in the city of Hollister’s successful effort to secure a certified environmental impact report for the city’s domestic wastewater treatment plant, bringing the six-year moratorium to an end.

We are now at a critical juncture in planning the future for our water/wastewater needs. It is also critical that we have consistency in this planning process. Ken Perry has played, and will continue to play, a key role in this process. Please join me in re-electing Ken Perry for the San Benito County water board.

Doug Emerson

Hollister mayor

There’s hope for a library

Hollister has been trying to build a new library since 1990 to my knowledge. The existing building was too small at that time, and parking inadequate. The library has resurged under the direction of Nora Conte, and now has twice the patronage as previously. A big stumbling block that must be overcome is the difficulty in finding

sufficient vacant land (about four acres) near downtown Hollister. The original plan was to build in Memorial Park, but that land is now ballparks.

Another plan eyed land near Marguerite Maze Middle School, but that deal fell through. Now the only hope for space for a new library appears to be the Leatherback property. Let’s hold off on selling this property until the possibility of use for a new library has been explored.

Richard H. Fish


GOP: lost without a clue

McCain and Palin are attacking Barack Obama out of desperation and because they have no clue how to fix our economic problems. Obama starts by shifting tax cut benefits to middle class families, those making $250,000 per year or less. Eliminate the Bush tax cuts for everyone else and put them on the tax rate of the year 2000, the year we had a $300 billion budget surplus. The wealthy will still pay less in taxes than they did under Reagan and Obama believes this is a big improvement over the Bush-McCain program. American voters must look past the attacks and decide what is best for our nation’s future, four more years of Bush policies or change, which will help working families.

Frank Crosby

Morgan Hill

Join in voting yes on 8

I have decided to vote yes on Proposition 8. A yes vote on Prop. 8 will restore the traditional definition of marriage – that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Four activist judges overturned the marriage law that was passed by 61 percent of the voters in 2000. Proposition 8 will restore the traditional definition of marriage … the same that we voted to approve eight years ago.

I’m concerned about the impact on children. I asked myself, “Am I comfortable giving the schools the responsibility to teach children about marriage, or would I rather do it myself? If schools teach young students about same-sex marriage, what will they teach them when they’re old enough for sex education classes?”

If same-sex marriage becomes legalized, governments will be obligated to create more laws and more regulations to enforce acceptance. What will happen to churches and ministers who will only perform traditional marriages?

I urge all to study Proposition 8 by going online to Protectmarriage.com.

I am sure you will realize this issue is more complex than meets the eye. Are we ready to take the chance that there will be no negative consequences if we change the 6,000 year tradition of marriage? Are we ready to take the chance that there will be no unintended consequences?

I urge you to vote yes on Proposition 8.

Lauralee Foote

San Juan Bautista

Vote to save marriage

I am writing you to ask you to support Proposition 8 in this upcoming election.

As you know the California justices in a split decision overturned the voter-approved Proposition 22 that stated that marriage in California was to be between a man and a woman by a decision of 4-3 this year.

Proposition 8 returns to Californians that marriage is between a man and a woman and nothing else despite what the media says.

It was put on the ballot by folks like yourself that believe that this special union of marriage is an important institution vital to the strength of our society and needs to be protected.

We urge you to stand up and be counted in supporting the traditional family this year as you go to the polls to vote for the candidate of your choice.

Support the counsels of both local and national churches and those leaders who are trying to make sure that moms and dads still have a place in this society.

John and Kathy Hanson

San Juan Bautista

Don’t vote for Obama

Don’t vote for Barack Obama and Joseph Biden.

Biden is a tax-and-spend nut who has made serious mistakes. He gives empty promises that will put America in further jeopardy of continuing bankruptcy.

Why not Obama? He is a reckless philosopher. He will say anything and promise the impossible to get votes. He has used his Senate seat to grab a million dollars a day in pork barrel and political expenditures. He has done political favors to get big donors to pay for his elections. Obama is largely responsible for the destruction of housing loan standards. He represents ACORN and numerous other agencies that are now in trouble.

He tried to get them a “quick” blank check from Congress and the President for bailout while blaming the Republican Party for the mess. Obama and his cronies destroyed the housing loan standards by demanding oversized loans and “arm” interest payments. He is a slick lawyer who has represented those on the shady side of the law.

But all of this is secondary to his tax-and-spend attitude towards America’s working citizens. Obama worked for ACORN to train homeless people and ex-convicts to arrange registrations and immediate votes for himself and other Democrats, preying on the poor and unfortunate in the process.

Obama is not devoted to America’s safety, its traditional values and the immediate protection of America from terrorism and socialism. He is ready to give America to ne’er-do-wells if he can become their “hero.”

How much more of American wealth are you willing to give away? How much more of your property and hard-earned income do you want to turn over to the government to manage for you? Do you want this fox to have the keys to our diminishing storehouse? How rich does he plan to become in politics at the expense of you and me? I simply don’t trust him and neither should you.

E.L. Moon


We don’t need Prop. 8

After more than 10 years of having lived together, my partner and I finally were able to get married a couple of months ago.

It was a very special moment in our life. Please, before you consider saying yes to Proposition 8, listen to your heart and talk to family and friends. Maybe this will then change your mind. Open your hearts – one day, your decision might impact someone dear to you in your family, neighborhood, at work or somewhere else.

Let’s not write discrimination into our constitution! Our California Constitution – the law of our land – should guarantee the same freedoms and rights to everyone. No one group should be singled out to be treated differently.

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, the freedom to marry is fundamental to our society, just like the freedoms of religion and speech. The government has no business telling people who can and cannot get married. Just like government has no business telling us what to read, watch on TV or do in our private lives.

We don’t need Prop. 8; we don’t need more government in our


Don’t listen to the lies of the proponents of Proposition 8!

Rene Spring and Mark Hoffmann

Morgan Hill

Prop. 8 is discrimination

Many years ago we were facing the same type of discrimination that we as Californians are going to vote on, placing the same type of discrimination into our California Constitution. Hate is hate regardless of what the people are hating. Should I not be allowed to drink from the same water faucet as the rest of the world because I choose to love another woman?

As I said before, hate is hate. Discrimination is discrimination. Everyone should have the same rights as this in America. We have paid our taxes as the rest of the world, we fly our flags as the rest of the world, and we also pray to our higher power just like the rest of the world.

Passing Prop. 8 will deny us the rights to be treated like the rest of the world, but California will still collect our tax dollars, will still tell us to be proud, but rip our right to marry right out from underneath us.

I urge you to look at the world from the eyes of a group that has been discriminated against and fought to win equal rights, then ask yourself if you are going to discriminate and hate or allow equal rights. Vote NO on Prop. 8.

Kori Westfall


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