Letters: Baler Backers thank community

Baler Backers thank community for help with raffle

On behalf of all Baler Backers Athletic Organization board members, thank you to the community for making our 2011 winter raffle a success.

Every dollar raised will directly benefit student-athletes in all sports, as well as helping to maintain programs for all grade levels at San Benito High School.

Congratulations to the raffle winners: David Hanson, who won the grand prize of a trip to Las Vegas; Philip Esparza, who won an iPad 2; and Crystal Gonzalez, who won an Xbox Kinect.

Mary Breen, Baler Backers board member, Hollister


County transit deficit made up with taxes

The San Benito Council of Governments received its annual audit report at the Dec. 15 meeting. It was noted the Local Transportation Authority had “Expenses” of $1,929,785 and “Charges for Services” of $178,639. That is, all our county transit systems earned less than 10 percent of expenses. The balance was made up with grants, better known as taxes.

Marvin L. Jones, Hollister


The real meaning of Christmas

On Dec. 16, I was working in the Gift Shop at Hazel Hawkins Hospital. Three darling children, with Santa Claus hats came in. They said “Merry Christmas”, and handed me an envelope. I opened it to find a precious Merry Christmas card.

Inside was not only the greeting, but a stocking and cane out of construction paper and a small candy cane. The names signed were: “Andrew, Gabriel and Danny”. There was no last name. They departed so quickly, they didn’t see my tears of joy and the wonderful reality of these three precious children giving a real meaning to Christmas. Their parents must be angels on earth for instilling goodness and thoughtfulness for others in them. I want to thank the parents and children for a beautiful experience.

Arlene Jenkins, San Benito County


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