Business Buzz: Vision group releases latest report on summit

A facilitator talks to the Community Vision San Benito group in December.

Following its three-day summit held in October, Community Vision San Benito has released several reports on the gathering, most recently a one-page “collective statement” called “View 22: San Benito County’s 10-Year Initiative 2012-2022.” It includes insights from the summit along with previous meetings during the past 16 months, according to an announcement from the vision group, which re-launched the dormant effort this year under the umbrella of the Community Foundation for San Benito County.

Although there is no priority listed for the items, the first one on the one-page statement is the following: San Benito County will be a prosperous, unified community with a strong sense of place and effective communication hubs – both physical and virtual – where residents of all ages can go to be informed and active citizens. We will create a vibrant, healthy and beautiful county where people feel safe, engaged, stimulated and fortunate to live here.”

That one-page summary of the full 115-page report on the summit can be found at

Next, the vision group plans to “begin working on the strategies that will help us achieve our stated goals, (see pgs. 46-51 and pgs. 95-100) and to start measuring our progress,” according to the announcement for the release.

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