POTW: Scotty

POTW Scotty

Scotty is available at Pet Friends. He is looking for a forever home of his own. He’s affectionate, and very adventuresome. He will escape from our kitten room anytime the door is open, often accompanied by his roommates Cruella and Noire.

All are “Tuxedo” cats, black with white bellies and feet. Scotty and Noire are very affectionate, and will jump into your arms if you’re within reach. Cruella is more to the adventure side, but will also look for a friendly person to cuddle with. They are all ready for adoption at Pet Friends, along with many other kittens and adult cats. They are all ready to make a difference in your life, please make a difference in theirs.

Pet Friends is located at 2970 Buena Vista Road, in Hollister, CA. Call 831-634-1191, or visit www.petfriends.org for more information on the cats and dogs there, or for low-cost spay/neuter services.

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