Red phone: City has not posted no-parking signs for trucks

The Hollister city council voted last fall to eliminate truck parking along Ladd Lane, but no traffic signs have posted. These truck trailer was parked earlier in the week.

A resident called the Red Phone this week to question why large trucks were still parking for long periods of time – “all day, every day” in some areas – despite city rules enacted in November prohibiting it.

The Hollister City Council nearly three months ago amended an ordinance that governs stopping, standing and parking on specific streets, including near the two schools, where road improvements were made. On Ladd Lane in particular, south of the Kmart shopping center and near an undeveloped lot on the west side of the road, large trucks have made it a habit of parking along an un-curbed section.

City engineering official David Rubcic had noted that signs will be installed or relocated and curbs painted red. This week, Rubcic said he thought the city had yet to post those signs. He said it should happen in the next week or two.

“If they don’t have the signs up, we’ll get them up,” he said.

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