Free discount card saves local consumers money

Coast2Coast Rx announced that residents of San Benito County saved more than $242,000 in 2011 on prescription drug costs by using the program’s free prescription discount card – and a total of more than $422,000 since it was approved by the County Board of Supervisors in August 2009.

The savings the card offers is just part of the program’s significant advantages: Coast2Coast Rx also provides $1.25 for each prescription filled using the card, generating revenue for public programs in San Benito. This community support distinguishes Coast2Coast Rx from other prescription drug discount cards and illustrates how useful the program can be for San Benito County and its residents.
“San Benito is a diverse community of hard-working individuals and families, and the Coast2Coast Rx card is an effective way for the County to help ease the financial burden of prescription costs for those in need, with the added benefit of creating revenue for the community,” said Supervisor Jaime De la Cruz, in a press release. “I encourage our constituents who lack sufficient health care coverage to explore the savings options that the card can provide.”
Using a Coast2Coast Rx card can save consumers up to 75 percent on thousands of brand name and generic prescriptions. The card also provides discounts on health care services such as dental, vision and hearing services, diabetes supplies and even some pet prescriptions, and is free for any San Benito resident regardless of their current insurance, age or health status.
The program can be a significant cost-saver for those without health insurance but it can also help those with insurance who have high deductibles or need prescriptions that are not covered under their current plan. In some instances the card can be used by senior citizens to offset the Medicare Part D “donut hole.”
“Our focus is to ensure that as many consumers as possible have access to the card and affordable prescription drugs so health outcomes can be improved,” said Chief Marketing Officer Marty Dettelbach of Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc., the company that provides the discount prescription card. “It’s a win-win for constituents and the community at large.”
Coast2Coast Rx continues to expand its work with public departments and local nonprofit agencies to increase awareness and use of the card. The program does not require residents to fill out any paperwork; they can simply pick up or download and print free cards at and present the card for immediate savings when they purchase their prescriptions.


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