Vehicle flips in downtown Hollister; no injuries

An overturned SUV at the intersection of Fourth and East streets was the result of a two-car accident Thursday morning.

A Ford Escape SUV flipped onto its roof in downtown Hollister after it was apparently broadsided by a Chrysler 300M around 10:30 a.m. this morning at Fourth and East streets, one block east of San Benito Street.

The drivers of both vehicles were taken by ambulance to Hazel Hawkins Hospital for observation as police and fire crews cleaned up the scene. The driver of the Ford, Jennie Gonzalez of Hollister, said that she entered the intersection first, and turned her vehicle in an attempt to avoid the collision.

“The car just went over,” she said, as a tow truck arrived on scene to flip her vehicle back over and haul it away and she prepared to go to the hospital for observation.

Still a bit stunned from the accident, she said, “I think I’m OK.”

Both vehicles’ airbags deployed, and Gonzalez remained belted into her seat immediately after the accident when Dora Pizano of the restaurant El Kora Mariscos heard her calls for assistance a few feet away.

Pizano confirmed to police that the Ford entered the intersection first and was hit by the Chrysler.

“The white car hit it,” she said, adding that the Chrysler “didn’t stop” before the intersection.

The scene was cleared within a half hour.

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