Sans: Rainy weather finally arrives in South County

Wendy Sans

Happy Spring everyone; or is it still winter? I don’t think any of us really know these days as the weather sure has been crazy this year. We finally received that good soaker last weekend that we’ve been waiting for so long now. It was a beautiful storm, cold, but wet. Just wait we needed and just in the nick of time.

We received a almost 2.5 inches of rain at our place last weekend while Vern and Joann Scattini and Jeff and Jean Schmidt recorded a little over 3 inches total. Up in Old Hernandez, there were reports of over four inches of rain and two inches of snow! Almost everyone in the valley woke up to snow on the hillsides on Sunday morning. It sure was pretty but I’m sure glad I don’t live with it every winter! More rain is expected this coming weekend.

Birthday wishes go out to Danielle Craig who celebrated her birthday last week. She and her family celebrated her birthday dinner by having a Sushi night out. Hope it was a good one Danielle!

Is it time for fantasy football yet? I can’t wait for football season now, since my team signed All-Pro Quarterback Peyton Manning! Good bye Tebow Time, hello Manning Time! I still like Tebow and I’ll be sorry to see him go as a person and a role model, but not too sorry to see him go as our quarterback. Looking forward to some good times this football season for sure.

Many San Benito County cowboys and cowgirls will be participating at the high school rodeo Challenge of Champions this weekend in Plymouth. The top 3 contestants from each district in each event are invited to compete at this prestigious event. Some of those going from our area include Blair Strohn, Blair Brown, Lacey Bourdet, Mikael Bernadette, Megan and Tommy Ford, Cash Robinson, Brody Sans, Cheyenne Rey and Taylor Hurley. Good Luck to all of the kids competing this weekend, may you all bring home the gold!

Have a great week and be sure to give me a call or e-mail me at [email protected] with any news you’d like to share.

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