Business Buzz: Hollister-made product cools motorcycle engines

Rick Clink, Robert Clink , Larry Steed , Stacey Sutton

Hollister has long been known as the birthplace of the American biker so it’s no surprise that a local company has developed a new oil cooling system for V-twin engines.

UltraCool Inc, an oil cooling company located in Hollister, is selling the product which company president Robert Clink says can remove up to 60 degrees from a motorcycle’s oil temperature.

“This is a huge success and I am glad to be a part of it,” Clink said in a press release.  

According to Clink, most bikers are not aware of how hot their engine oil temperature gets because they don’t come from the factory with an oil temperature gauge. This causes a lot of guessing as to how hot their oil temperature really is.

“This is one of the most important gauges you can have and I would not run a bike without one,” said Rick Clink, an UltraCool testing department employee from San Jose. “Your oil temperature is vital to your engines life and reducing oil viscosity breakdown. Whether you are running a synthetic oil or refined oil with additives, once your oil hits 300 degrees it’s viscosity is compromised.”

They said they often hear the same story from bikers, about their bike pinging in stop and go traffic or in the city at stop lights.

The Clinks attribute the overheating of motorcycles to EPA regulations on emissions that require manufacturers to meet stringent requirements through fuel and air mixture ratios, as well as new models of motorcycles coming with bigger engines. They say the standard engine size used to be 88 cubic inches, but now most new motorcycles come with engines that are 103 to 110 cubic inches.

UltraCool’s new product has been dubbed the reefer, a large heat exchanger with dual fans that helps to pull heat from the motorcycle’s oil.

“You can’t have a cooler without fans as the ambient air is not enough to cool the oil in stop and go traffic,” Robert Clink said. “In this size of an engine you need additional cooling.”

When a motorcycle’s oil temperature reaches 200 degrees, the electric fans turn on and start to reduce the oil temperature back down to 185 degrees. As the engine generates more heat, the fans turn back on just like a car’s cooling system does. This will keep the engine oil cooler and provide a more comfortable ride for bikers.

For more information about UltraCool Oil Cooling Systems visit their website at or call 831-630-1322. The system is also available at Harley-Davidson dealers.

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