Public Comment: Residents talk about Clear Creek concerns and property-owner rights


During the Aug. 21 meeting of the county board of supervisors, four residents spoke during the public comment period in which they could comment on items not on the agenda.

One resident spoke about concerns over the language in a bill proposed by Congressman Sam Farr to reopen Clear Creek. Ed Tobin talked briefly about the concerns with the bills and another possible approach to opening the area back up to off-road motorcycles. Three other residents spoke about concerns over the Foothill Legacy, in which the federal government may label parts of the county for conservation easements. One speaker also brought up the impact a BLM plan could have on theĀ  proposed solar farm in Panoche Valley.

The supervisors pulled a planned agenda item to discuss Foothill Legacy from the agenda so allowed members of the public to speak about it during the public comment period.

Listen to the comments here.

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