Guest View: Snow wants to boost economy by creating jobs

Keith Snow

My name is Keith Snow. My vision on creating a SPUR in the economic development for the city of Hollister – for one I will be an honest and loyal mayor for my city to me that is important. I want to boost the economic development by, creating local jobs. I want to bring back the idea of Wal-Mart which would create lots of jobs. I want to bring lots of businesses to our city we all know more businesses mean more customers more people will stop here instead of passing us by and more businesses mean more jobs! Which has taken a large hurt on the people since the big economic depression around the world? I want better business marketing programs to go in and work with the businesses so they can stay in business and prosper. We need to help each other not let each other fall short by any means. We definitely need to stop wasteful spending we need to prepare and be punctual with our budget it should be a priority to maintain. I received a phone call on Aug. 28th about the budget and I want to help as much as I can, there is a lot of resources out there. Such as a company called Moody’s which is a financial company from all over the world that helps in all sorts of way like budgets, financial advisors, helps cities to prosper up to 40 years longer, it has lots of useful tools and helps save cities money.

The financial area is one of the main things that needs to be worked on. Also another resource that can help our city is BLOOM ENERGY it provides clean affordable reliable energy anywhere this has already been used in San Jose in many companies and homes. We also need better city policies, implement a plan and stick to it, a bullet-proof plan. We need to be committed and professional to the people of the city and the businesses and the attraction we bring to the city, we don’t want Hollister to become another ghost town, I feel if people love were they live they will be more involved and people will go out of their way to help out and volunteer to make there city a better place.

A city should be like a family we all take care of each other no parts should be left out; we need uplift and an upgrade. I have been doing a lot of research and we need to take hold in maintaining our own roads instead of using private sectors. Such as asphalt, overlay, concrete, etc. We would save a lot of money doing things ourselves creating more city jobs. We’re losing money paying everyone else to do things for us. We need to make streets that our safe and accessible for all people, we need maintenance and funding decisions things should be safe and convenient for people around town, bike trails and walking trails get people out and up around town. Also we have too many cuts on police officers and sheriffs that are not going to help our city become a safe place. We need to establish programs and make them work. I have lots of ideas to create revenue and keep police and sheriffs their jobs. Also it takes money to make money and bringing new attractions to the city will only pay off, it’s all a process and a cycle. You bring new things for people to do in our city, we create jobs once again, and other people from other cities will start to stop in our city creating more revenue, and we give our kids things to do keep them focused which will lead to less gang affiliation, less kids on drugs, less kids who are bored and take part in bad things. We need to focus on good things and a positive outlook for our children because they are our future generation they are the next set of people to keep our city up and running.

I want to bring a bowling alley, a skating rink, and a Scandia amusement park, miniature golfing, there is all sorts of things that can be created here we just have to make it happen. I have business partners that our ready and willing to bring business to our town. I just want to see our city grow and be successful for years to come and provide better efficient solutions.

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