Water Cooler: Should the NFL have reversed the result in the blown-call game?

Around the Water Cooler

Around the Water Cooler panelists answered the following question: Do you believe the NFL should have reversed the result of Monday’s game in which a replacement referee’s blown call on the last play changed the outcome?
Richard Place: “Not only should it be reversed but the president of the league should be fined.”

Bill Mifsud: “No, they went to the replay to watch the play and still determined that Seattle scored. In the replay booth they had help from an extra official not on the field and numerous angles. If though they missed the call it would be hard to over turn a call in which they still replayed. This would not be the first time an officials call changed the outcome of the game. Just ask Raiders fans about the tuck rule.”

Jae Eade: “Absolutely, they should have reversed it immediately. This could cost the Packers the playoffs.” 

Jim West: “Absolutely, I’m a Green Bay fan.” 

Nants Foley: “It’s a game. Before football was televised and instant replayed ad naseum, calls were final. Let it stand.”

Louise Ledesma: “No. There were so many other mistakes by the replacement referees that it would open up a can of worms for other teams. At least this last mistake must of forced the owners to settle.  Hope these mistakes don’t make a difference at the end of the season.”

Ruth Erickson: “There were too many games prior to and including the last one, to argue about and/or overturn any results. The teams will have to accept the final scores and carry on from here!”

Mary Zanger: “Unfortunate as it is, I believe the play should be legal as called. It seems that the controversy quickly filters down from the blown play call to the blown play callers. The substitute referees were untrained, unskilled and inexperienced. The regular referees were ‘locked out’ due to pension disagreements. Fans know that sports are a ‘cash cow’ for owners with referee salaries as pittance. The outraged Packer fans may correct disparity as one-fifth of the team belongs to the fans. Suddenly everyone is in love with unions.”

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