Letter: Reader says a ‘no’ vote on Measure E sales tax would be responsible

Measure E will callously squeeze a large percentage of income from the poor, seniors, the disabled and families who have lost jobs, health insurance, even their homes, than of the affluent.
What Measure E will do is to support the unions. Take a look at who’s backing the measure and the supporters.
Remember Measure T was supposed to disappear in five years.
With gas prices, food prices, clothing prices and health care at an all-time high, the people who are least able to pay are again being asked to do more with less.
In today’s economy all of us are having to make do with what we’ve got. The city should be no different.
No matter how much tax money you taxpayers allow the city to bleed out of your, it’s never going to be enough.
As a retired government employee, I’m opposed to Measure E and disappointed in the weakness of the argument for it.
The city’s appetite to spend and squander your tax money exceeds what should be first and foremost – their fiduciary responsibility to you. A “No” vote on Measure E would be responsible and appropriate.
Noreen Martin, Hollister

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