Letter: Opposition to the city’s bid preference

A week ago I saw that the city of Hollister was planning to have a local vendor preference of 5 percent in procurement. I am opposed. I contacted my city council member, and he informed me it had not passed yet, but a council meeting on 10/15 would have the final vote. I told him that speaking at a council meeting is very intimidating, and if one did not follow any protocol the city had, the speaker would be embarrassed by council members.

He listened to my concerns and encouraged me to share my opinion. Stating that very few people attend meetings, let alone speak.

Well my fears were realized.

I had a letter that I was reading from (I am not very good just speaking). When I had about another few sentences to read, when I was stopped by Vice Mayor Scattini, telling me to finish.

Let me warn anyone that wishes to speak to the Hollister City Council, you might want to have a bone broken rather than subject yourself to that insult.

The council members sit high above the speaker and not only do they look down on the speaker, they look down on them period.

Having been wounded three times in Vietnam is nothing compared to the dressing down one gets from speaking your mind at a Hollister City Council meeting.

Warren Bell, Hollister

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