San Benito Historical Society continues dance hall campaign

The Dunneville Dance Hall built in 1890 lay demolished at the San Benito County Historical Park after it sucomed to the high winds from a storm in 2006. The Historical Society is working on rebuilding it, with donations needed to complete the project by s

The San Benito County Historical Society launched its “Heritage Wall” campaign to support the rebuilding of the Dunneville Dance Hall at the San Benito County Historical Park. The original dance hall blew over in a storm on New Year’s Day in 2006.

Those who would like to support the effort can purchase a plaque, made from the floorboards of the original Dunneville Dance Hall, for the Heritage Wall. The plaques can commemorate the origins of a local business, memorialize a family name, honor a valued employee, perpetuate the memory of someone or something, or celebrate a journey through San Benito County. Those who donate to the Heritage Wall will also receive a family page outlining their journey through San Benito County in the Heritage Wall Book and on the Historical Society website.

The Historical Society has completed the concrete slab foundation for the building, obtained structural engineering plans and a county building permit. They still need to put up the walls and roof.

When the dance hall is completed, the historical society members have plans to make it available for rental to local youth groups, nonprofits and individuals. The rental fees collected will be used to maintain the dance hall and to work on future renovation projects at the Historical Park.

The efforts toward the Heritage Wall are supported by a grant from the Community Foundation for San Benito County.

For more on the Heritage Wall or the Dunneville Dance Hall, visit or call Don Pidd at 902-9349 or email him at [email protected]

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