Lewis: Be prepared for rain on the golf course

Bruce Lewis

It’s that time of the year, when the rain comes and affects the playing conditions on the golf course. The three keys to playing golf in wet conditions are simply to stay dry, use more club and knowing the rules of golf for casual water.

To stay dry, wear rain gear and keep your clubs’ grips dry with a towel and bag cover.

Also, because of heavier air, select at least one more club for your shots because the ball rolls less – if at all – in damp weather. Put away your irons and use lofted utility woods. The added loft flies better in wet conditions.

The weather will also make the grass thicker, so don’t try “hero shots” and accept that your pace of play will be slower. The greens will not break as much in wet weather, nor do they roll as fast. Finally, know the rules of golf regarding casual water. There are rules regarding only casual water relief or penalty relief on the green, bunker and other hazards.

The first person to send me the complete number of the rules that apply to casual water in these situations will receive a free round of golf at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club. Send your answer to [email protected]

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