Rock climbing advisory starts at Pinnacles

One of Ron Erskine’s friends overlooks the heart of the Pinnacles National Monument on the climb from the Chalone Peak. The hike is a 9-mile trip that includes a 2,000-foot climb. 

Pinnacles National Park has a partial advisory in place in areas of the park where birds of prey are nesting. In January, park staff instituted a partial advisory in an area where a prairie falcon pair is nesting. Climbs are still open on Discovery Wall. The advisory will remain through June or July. Guests are encouraged to check with a ranger or to check the climbing information bulletin board as they plan for climbing or hikes.

Visitors are asked to refrain from rock climbing or off-trail hiking in identified sensitive areas to maximize the potential of successful nest establishment.

Sensitive areas have been identified throughout the park. See the attached PDF for a full list of sensitive spots as well as a map of the trails.

Special care is requested in areas that are most heavily used for climbing, including Tourist Trap, Discovery Wall, Monolith, Elephant Rock, Tilting Terrace, Machete, Upper Crust, the Camel and the Sisters.

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