Water Cooler: Did the refs rob the 49ers in the Super Bowl?

Around the Water Cooler

Question of the week: Did the referees rob the 49ers in the Super Bowl on the fourth and goal play at the end?

Mary Zanger: “No. The officials did not rob the 49ers. I want to believe that they did as it helps to salve the wound. The game proved to be a highly gladiatorial event. The first half embarrassed me; the second half excited me.”

Ruth Erickson: “I don’t profess to know much about football, but even I could see the mistakes made by the 49ers and whomever decided on some of the plays. The referees also blew it by not calling penalities against the Ravens in the fourth quarter.”

Jim West: “No. Except for a few very brief moments after the lights came back on, the Ravens outplayed our 49ers and deserved the win.”

Marty Richman: “No, the refs did a good job the entire game, it was a pleasure not to see a flag fest. They’ll rarely call that at the end of Superbowl when they swallow the whistle anyway.”

Richard Place: “Aren’t we still using the replacement officials?”

Nants Foley: “Didn’t watch the game so I wouldn’t know!”

Bill Mifsud: “NO NO NO. The 49ers had numerous opportunities to win this game. That one call was not the difference in winning or losing of the game. I think there choice of playing calling was the difference in the game.”

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