Water Cooler: Should states have right to drug test welfare applicants?

Around the Water Cooler

Richard Place: “Why not? I thought assisted suicide was illegal.”

Marty Richman: “Yes, I support random testing for the purpose of identifying and classifying users and making them attend mandatory drug recovery-rehabilitation programs. It’s important that welfare payments go towards the health and welfare of the recipients, especially children; any money diverted to purchasing illegal drugs defeats that purpose.”

Bill Mifsud: “Yes, if employers have the right to ask new applicants applying for a new job to submit to a drug test then welfare applicants should be held to the same process.”

Ruth Erickson: “The Fourth Amendment gives us protection against unreasonable search and seizure. Drug testing on welfare recipients who show no reason for conducting such tests would be discriminating against those unfortunate enough to need welfare and be unconstitutional. States should not have the right to test unless it can be shown that the recipient was using welfare for drugs.”

Mary Zanger: “Jobless applicants for welfare benefits should not be required to give up their constitutionally protected rights and be drug tested. Rather than punitive measures why not be helpful? Drug testing is expensive. The money could be used to provide job training, skills development and counseling.”

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