Wildfire readiness campaign underway

The is the third of a set of three wildfire prevention signs that are presently placed half a mile apart on East Dunne Avenue heading up to Holiday Lakes. The signs will rotate to high fire areas around Morgan Hill with the help of Public Works and are me

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) has launched a website, which the agency has been advertising to motorists headed up the eastern hills of Morgan Hill in recent weeks, advising residents on how to keep their homes and their neighbors safe from the threat of wildfires during the summer.
The website, readyforwildfire.org, uses interactive digital features to give homeowners and property owners a number of tips on how to stay safe from fire. For example, the site advises residents to remove all dead plants, weeds and grass from around their home; create space between shrubs and trees; remove any dead tree limbs that hang above the home; and cut grass to a maximum height of four inches.
The site includes a number of videos and diagrams demonstrating the risks posed by the annual hot and dry weather seen in South County in the summer months, as well as links to CalFire’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
“We’re preparing for a busy fire season,” said Morgan Hill Fire Marshal Dwight Good. “It’s hotter and drier than usual.”

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