Toffey and Posey: ‘Doggie Luv’

Toffey and Posey

Toffey and Posey, half brother and sister, are my two very best furry friends! As the owner and mother of two doggie kids, I love both my schnoodles (schnauzer/poodle mix) the same, and that, of course, is a whole, whole lot. I am so lucky to have two waggily tails as my two very best friends. Why are they my best times two buddies?   
Here’s why: “Doggie Luv” is so very unconditional from the moment that I wake up and receive that gentle wet little tongue lick on the tip of my nose ‘til we go to sleep at night cuddled in a warm huddle; Posey on one side of me and Toffey on the other, when he is not under the bed in his very own doggie fort where he guards the house and responds to unknown sounds in the night.
I am both their teacher and their mom. Both Toffey and Posey are so very ready to please me at almost every moments’ notice. My two friends listen with wide, attentive, almond-shaped eyes to every word I utter and then translate my caring words into Doggie Talk. Toffey has learned his lessons well; he lets me know with a bark when I need to scoop up the accidental act indoors, and Posey extends her paws to me gesturing her doggie luv, so gently and lovingly.
Most importantly, their unconditional love for me never waivers, as I receive a surprise party celebration every time I come home after a hard day’s work.
– Anne Sullivan

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