Letter: Concerned about future of Dunne Park

I write this as a concerned citizen of Hollister. My concerns are centered on the deterioration of Dunne Park. Dunne Park is part of the historical homes community of downtown Hollister. The city of Hollister should recognize that this jewel of a place needs to be an example of the revitalization of the downtown community. The residents of the surrounding neighborhood, Sacred Heart Parish and the downtown businesses all deserve an improvement to Dunne Park, truly a “diamond in the rough.”
As I view it, this is a park which is woefully neglected. At issue is the run-down appearance of the facilities from the tennis courts, to the main building, the landscaping and picnic area. The overall picture of the lack of attention by the city of Hollister to one of its special places. Although there has been a much-needed improvement in the children’s playground location, there is still much to do in the restoration of Dunne Park, and also to make the surrounding streets safe for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Dunne Park is a beautiful place that should be a destination for families in the neighborhood and for all citizens of Hollister. I ask the city of Hollister to give the improvement of Dunne Park a high priority.
John Bessa, Hollister

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