Water Cooler: Are you boycotting the Winter Olympics?

Around the Water Cooler

Marty Richman: “No, I’m not boycotting the Winter Olympics, I’m just have not watched it so far. I have only a casual interest in some events and I don’t even bother with most of those that involve any type of ‘judging’ because many judges are corrupt as is the International Olympic Committee in my opinion. I may watch some finals in events such as the downhill and ice hockey. The athletes are truly amazing, but many are really professionals making millions. We need a new model for the Olympics, the old one is worn out.”
Richard Place: “No I’m not. I don’t let social issues interfere with my sporting events. I have a volume control on my TV to simply turn off any rude commentator that brings up anything other then the event.”
Mary Zanger: “No. We have more than enough of our own social issues: gay, women’s, housing, pollution, homelessness, fundamentalism, etc. I am enjoying the joy of competing, camaraderie, human spirit, respect for all athletes, love of country, etc.”
Ruth Erickson: “No. The social issues and politics are not important to me. With so many countries involved in civil and other wars, it’s wonderful to be able to bring so many nations together with athletes and spectators in friendship, sportsmanship and peace. I’m not a sports fan generally, but I do enjoy the winter and summer Olympic games with all the excitement of the many, varied events.”

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