Streets close for piecemeal sewer line repairs

The intersection of Fourth and Powell streets is shown.

The city has a remedy for some of its most blocked-up streets.
Hollister’s public works department for the past few weeks has been working on a series of maintenance projects to sewer lines in portions of Powell Street by South Street along with the Seventh Street and Suiter Street areas, said city engineering official David Rubcic. The work is expected to last until June.
Officials identified the work as a priority due to problems that arise with the lines being backed up or collapsing. Rubcic said the city was having to spend a lot of money on the piecemeal fixes. While repairing each area, Hollister crews have been blocking off portions of streets for the work.
“We were going out there on a weekly basis,” said Rubcic of the issues with potential to back up into nearby homes.
Along with those relatively smaller jobs, the city is in the design phase for a storm drain project along a San Felipe Road frontage road near the Honda Powerhouse business.
The city awarded the bid for that project to Salinas-based Don Chapin Co. for $625,963, Rubcic said.
“They’re taking a live sewer line out of place and replacing it,” Rubcic said. “They’re doing bypass pumping from one manhole to the other as they’re replacing the line.”

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