Celebrating Mom

Mother's Day

Whether she’s “Mama,” “Madre” or something else altogether, one thing is clear: South Valley adores its moms—and as such, we want to celebrate each and every one of them.
As you will read in the following submitted stories, it doesn’t matter if the woman we call mom carried us in her belly for nine months or if she welcomed us as her own following a marriage or adoption. However we came into her life—and she into ours—is beside the point.
What does matter is how these amazing moms make us feel: loved.
On Mother’s Day—and every day—we tip our hats to the moms who’ve offered shoulders during tough times; who’ve held us up when we felt unable to walk; who’ve celebrated our successes as if they were their own.
If your mom is local, here’s hoping you take a little extra time Sunday to show your gratitude. If she’s not, maybe a Mother’s Day phone call would make her day a bit brighter. And if your mom is no longer here, perhaps these stories will bring a smile to your face and a memory to your heart.
Whatever the case, we salute the women whose strength and love have sustained us and offer a hearty, “Thanks, Mom.” Enjoy.

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