Water Cooler: Are you OK with use of killer whales at Sea World?

Around the Water Cooler

Around the Water Cooler panelists answered the following: Are you OK with the use of large marine mammals, such as killer whales, for shows like those at Sea World?
Mary Zanger: “No. Especially animals that could with a few swishes of their tails go end to end in a swimming pool. That makes me weep for their confinement. Killer whales do not kill anyone, but a dying ocean will kill us. Rather than larger tanks creative exhibits such as displays and presentations on acidic and warming ocean, over fishing, disappearance of the coral reefs and value of a coastal sanctuary for these large mammals would attract young visiting families who would flock to combine entertainment and education such as that.”
Ruth Erickson: “No, not even a large saltwater lake or reservoir would be large enough to house whales and other very big marine sea mammals which need to migrate in the oceans. The new aquariums being built at Sea World locations will only be twice the present size, not nearly big enough for these huge, majestic creatures, which should be respected.”
Bill Mifsud: “NO. After watching the CNN documentary called “Blackfish” it changed my perception on how large marine mammals should be used. These animals are supposed to be free ranging and to see the deplorable surroundings they are kept in, many might have the same reason I do and that is to boycott such animal parks like Sea World.”
Marty Richman: “No, these animals are so large that it is impossible to provide an artificial environment adequate for their needs. Besides, they are not domesticated and humans are not natural in their environment.”

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