Both sides of Measure J debate report sign damage

The No on Measure J side had this sign vandalized along Union Road. It was put back together until a new one can replace it.

Both sides of the Measure J campaign are reporting signs that were damaged or stolen.
The “Yes on J” and “No on J” sides each reported vandalism or taken signs in recent days as the campaigns heat up for the initiative on the November ballot.
Measure J proposes to ban fracking, cyclic steaming and well acidizing in the local oil industry while barring all petroleum activities in rural residential zones near the two cities. The campaigns have become increasingly heated as November approaches, and the sign allegations are the latest example of tensions.
The Yes on Measure J side reported having signs damaged in Aromas and south county among other areas, said Kristen Owenreay and Sara Andrade with the campaign. The No on Measure J side reported signs damaged along Union Road, south county and other areas, said John Eade and Kristina Chavez Wyatt with the opposition.
“It’s kind of a sign of desperation on the Yes on J campaign,” said Chavez Wyatt. “Their campaign is highly emotional. Ours is based on facts.”
Chavez Wyatt clarified that she believes the vandalism is a “sign” of desperation among Measure J supporters while not directly accusing the official campaign of the crimes.
OwenReay said aside from vandalism, various small signs have gone missing as well.
“That seems like an act of intimidation,” Owenreay said.
Both sides alleged that the vandalism and stolen signs occurred in recent days, largely over this past weekend.
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