Letter: A poem about Measure J

This is a sign in the window at the Yes on Measure J headquarters.

The more millions they fork out for advertising percussion, shows the more they’re planning an oil invasion! If they didn’t have the reputation of causing mutilation this race wouldn’t take place.  
Save our water, save our air, save our earth from great despair. Lawsuit here lawsuit there, many don’t give a fracking care.  
The CEO, who drills in San Benito, wouldn’t budge for the judge and stop illegal drilling. This case had to resort back to court.  This CEO proposes a thousand new wells he wants to start drilling with. Catastrophic results in drilling ain’t no myth.  This CEO tells San Benito,  “We either kill or drill”. My friends, homicide or suicide is not our only solution.  There is a much better resolution that will not kill with pollution!  Just imagine what could happen to the river flow down below if one of the thousand wells leaks due to a 6.O!
So many cynics inject mother earth with billions of gallons of carcinogenics. They sugar coat it as mother earth gets more chemically bloated.  If she pukes, it will be worst than a dozen nukes.  
Thank God most understand, we’re on multibillion-dollar agricultural land. Water’s needed far more for food than crude!  Good water is now gone in San Juan.  This is a wake up call that could affect us all.  
Consider Barnhart, at first they thought fracking would be smart till they experienced a living hell, for dry went every single well, except for one man’s named Larry, who made a decision most scary.  Instead of selling water to farmers who needed it for survival, Larry to them became a rival.  For Larry sold to frackers who paid the most amount of dough, becoming to many a foe.  Much life died as millions of gallons justified!
On a fault line is no place to be out of line and bet on Russian Roulette.  If mother earth snaps, there will be no more love taps!
For now, multi billion dollar oil companies, Chevron, Exxon, BP, are not the ones who will be drilling near you and me.  It’s billionaire wannabe’s.  If things go catastrophically wrong, it will be one ugly song.  For they don’t have billions to fork out hundreds of millions like big shots did in lawsuits and for victims to zip the lip!  Lets not give outsiders the opportunity to F–, our land like a one night stand and walk away without having to pay.  Therefore I say YES on Measure J!!!  
Gabriel Michaels, Hollister

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