Letter: Honor Mother Earth – a fracking poem

Sick fact! Those who take oil deep in the soil are exempt from the clean water act! Meaning anything goes, deadly chemicals they don’t have to expose, no wonder why several nearby had a serious bloody nose and ignited fire out of the hose!  Trillions of gallons have been used and abused of not just hot water, prepare for a great slaughter.  
Those fixated on wealth, not our health, have poisoned the river flow down below causing much life to no longer be so. They’re constantly busted and can’t be trusted. They pay bills for illegal spills and continue their kills. Top props for poison crops they achieve to receive. Organic may be affected by Arsenic!
For goodness sake! All awake! This is no place to cause the earth to shake, don’t be dumbfounded blind to Frack on a fault line. Nor pimp Mother Earth like a whore. We don’t need the wrath of her inner and outer core. If we continue stirring up over 7,000 degrees of fiery Hell, things won’t be so well. Best be humble, before a 9.0 rumble.
All in a proposition position. Don’t be a Judas Kiss and unleash the Abyss. No sick lust for Green is worth making Mother Earth mean. Not to mention the use of cancer causing Benzene, which has already caused an ugly scene.
Think of all the drama that led to trauma, from chemical warfare, this may soon be similar if more gets in the air. Do math, consider Mother Earth’s wrath. Hurricanes, massive amounts of rains, droughts, all coincide. Laws of nature we must abide!
When Fracking comes to town, real estate goes down. The CEO of Exxon treats us like a pee on, Fracking is great, unless near his 83 acre estate, then he be sue happy, what a hypocrite.  Bobtown had a fit, there was an explosion, causing death and corrosion, but wait, Frackers made good out of it. Free pizza and coke, what a joke!  
Governor, you may say you’re green but your brown and you’re going down in history as a mother fracker as your legacy! What happened in, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Oklahoma, is enough to warn ya, but NO! You allow Fracking in the worst place in the world, California.
Pissing away millions on testing why?  So you can justify?  Odds are there will be more of a deadly outcome! Don’t be dumb. This poem is no one liner, how can anyone be any blinder. Yet there are many reasons more don’t ignore!
We came from the dust, honoring our mother earth is a must. Let’s not make a catastrophic mess, may God Bless!
Gabriel Michaels, San Benito County

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