Letter: Supporting Hollister school bond measure

Students board a bus to Maze Middle School at Calaveras Elementary School on the first day August 18.

In a recent Free Lance article, September 14, 2014, the Measure M Campaign Committee decided to forgo putting up signs in support of Measure M and instead educate the community using volunteers to get the message out to the public on Measure M.
Volunteers have been working diligently and tirelessly to educate the community on the importance of Measure M. They are phone banking twice a week, walking through neighborhoods with information, and mailing informative brochures to the voters in our community.
Putting Measure M on the ballot was a long, thorough process that involved almost 2 years of Facility Committee meetings which involved the community and was transparent. Specific projects were identified and prioritized as required by Prop 39.
On Nov. 4 there will be many issues to vote on, many more than in recent elections. In my opinion, no other issue on the ballot is as important as Measure M. Facility improvements that will positively impact our Elementary and Middle schools should be our top priority.
With the passage of Measure M, the Hollister School District will be able to make essential repairs and provide technological improvements to our Elementary and Middle schools. As members of the community, we must not ignore the growth that is occurring in Hollister and the surrounding area and how this growth will impact our Elementary and Middle schools. Voter approval of Measure M will help the Hollister School District meet this challenge and bring our students up to par with 21st century learning.
It is also important to note that no argument against Measure M was submitted.
Please join me and the Zuniga family and vote YES on Measure M on Nov. 4.
Aurelio Zuniga, Hollister

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