Police recover stolen car near Garlic Shoppe

The Gilroy Police Department recovered a stolen vehicle during a stop in front of the Garlic Shoppe located just off Highway 101 today.
“It was a stolen vehicle,” said Jason Kadluboski, a sergeant with the Gilroy Police Department.
While the area technically falls within the sheriff’s jurisdiction, the police made the stop in the area at 1:55 p.m. to recover a gold Mercedes.  
The police received a call from employees at the Burlington Coat Factory in Gilroy who said the occupants of the car were stealing items from the store and gave the vehicle’s license plate number. The police department checked the license plate and found it was a stolen car.
Once the vehicle was pulled over, they used a canine to search the vehicle for any hidden occupants before the officers approached.
“I would say it’s pretty common,” Kadluboski said of the call.
The sergeant did not have statistics on hand for how frequently the police department recovers stolen cars when he spoke with the Free Lance Friday afternoon.

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