Letter: SBHSTA endorses board candidates


Dear San Benito County Voters,
We, the San Benito High School Teachers Association, ask for your help in electing 3 school board members: Jennifer Coile, Juan Robledo, and Bill Tiffany. We believe they are the best qualified and best able to make the changes that must happen if San Benito High School is to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Jennifer Coile has been attending board meetings, reading board packets and staying well informed on issues for years. She brings a fresh community view point and her goals include making the board aware of and responsive to the needs of the students and the community. Having never been employed at the High School, she is not shackled to the old ways of doing things. As a parent of a very successful recent former graduate, she is uniquely suited to bring the parent perspective to the board. Jennifer’s goals and pro student/teacher/staff priorities align with our new Superintendent and Principal.  She also has board experience as a member of the Fair Board and has served on the School Site Council.
Juan is a recently retired Activities Director who for many years successfully bridged the gap between students, teachers and administrators. Juan knows the changes needed in leadership style and the importance of team building. Having worked so closely with the student leaders for so many years, he understands how board decisions impact students. As Activities Director Juan has had the opportunity to interact with many students and leaders from excellent high schools around the state and to observe the strategies that lead to student achievement. He is an expert in motivating students and has served successfully in many leadership roles at San Benito High School.
Bill Tiffany has served on the board for 12 years. He has proven himself to be thoughtful and well informed when making tough decisions. Practicing law in San Benito County gives Bill insights into our many faceted community and he has always reached out to get input from stakeholders.  His training and ability to look rationally and logically at issues is invaluable. He is not bound by the past and has been a proponent of making the changes that can lead to student success. Bill is a positive and encouraging figure on the current board and is very supportive of the students, teachers, staff and our new administration as well as having the experience needed to provide continuity.
The next few years are arguably the most important ever for San Benito High School. Decisions will be made about the bond money and millions more in reserve accounts.
Our new Superintendent, John Perales and our new Principal, Todd Dearden have come on board with energy, enthusiasm, experience and the skill and determination to make SBHS great again. They have shown leadership and vision and we need the kind of board that will support them and facilitate positive change.
We believe that Jennifer Coile, Juan Robledo and Bill Tiffany bring the knowledge and experience needed to make those decisions. We urge you to support the candidates best qualified to bring new, modern, and student success centered changes to San Benito High School. Please, vote Coile, Robledo and Tiffany for Student Success.
Thank you,
The San Benito High School Teachers Association

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