Local author publishes seventh novel

Author's novel

What do you think would be your first thoughts if you woke up one day and discovered that you had been murdered 150 years ago? That is what local writer John Chadwell, 68, wondered when he decided to write about famous lawman James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, according to a press release on his latest novel.
In his seventh novel in four years, according to the press release, Chadwell wanted to write a futuristic western where the man, better known as Wild Bill, is far from his natural element—1800s Deadwood, South Dakota. In the novel, The Kid and Wild Bill, Hickok wakes up in a laboratory in the year 2024, having been cloned by a 17-year-old boy desperate for help from the one man who he thinks can save himself and the President of the United States.
All of Chadwell’s books are sold through Amazon as e-books or paperback. He also sells signed copies in Hollister at San Benito Bene, 615 San Benito St.
For more on Chadwell’s books, go here.

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