Water Cooler: OK with initial cancellation of ‘The Interview’?

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Do you agree with movie theaters’ initial decision not to show “The Interview” that led to Sony cancelling its release?
Mary Zanger: “No. I disagree with Sony’s decision not to show ‘The Interview’ but I agree with their right to do so. We, the country, could learn much. It seems that Sony was ill advised to make the film in the first place. What I have seen of the trailer seems that lampooning a leader of a sovereign nation makes the ‘fun’ inappropriate and akin to a bully on the school grounds. We certainly do not want to spark an international incident over this.”
Ruth Erickson: “Movie theaters had to be vigilant and not show the movie for the sake of customer safety. Movie companies should consider the consequences of storylines such as the assassination of any living leader, as in ‘The Interview’, yet not to be kept hostage to censorship (quite a conundrum!) Sony must investigate the hacking just as other companies have had to do. The cyberwar is growing and we must defeat it.”
Cesar Flores: “NO! We should not be bullied into watching what someone else, including another nation, wants us to watch.”

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