Laughs in the Loo

Rebecca Little, playing the role of Babette, and Nathan Raff, playing the role of Arthur, perform during opening night of the the Pintello Comedy Theater production of Bathroom Humor Jan. 9.

We’ve all visited the bathroom while attending a party at a friend’s house. Well the Pintello clan is at it again and delivers a fun evening in the bathroom—the place where everyone eventually ends up.
In “Bathroom Humor,” Marion Pintello directs a goofy bunch of characters, bouncing them from one dizzying plot to another. Eight adept actors—Jennifer and Rob Langford, Tina Elder, Rebecca Little, John Varela, John Brewer, Nathan Ruff and Charley Gilmore—seem to have as much fun as the audience.
The fourth wall (the point where the stage front and the audience meet) becomes the mirror and makeup area and delivers gleeful dialogue and antics from the invited guests.
Playwrights Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore use their offbeat sense of humor to bring in a hilarious and well-done production with slapstick comedy.
This is Pintello Comedy Theater’s 45th production in 13 years and you’ll always find a Pintello directing, moving props or working sound and lighting.
“Bathroom Humor” will tickle your funny bone and you’ll never visit a guest bathroom with the same attitude again.

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