Letter: Questions for the mayor

I can’t figure out how this Mayor Velazquez got re-elected. He ran on a platform of moving forward. It appears we are moving backward. It seems he’s good at inaction. The downtown area streets are all cracked and in disrepair. Our only reservoir is still closed after three years. The feds might be in charge of this project but Velazquez and his council don’t appear to be interested in pushing them. There are multiple housing projects currently being built plus a giant housing project off of Fairview Road, which by the way should have been put to a citizen vote. We are still paying exorbitant sewer rates from the last time the city of Hollister went on a building craze. There was also talk about a Walmart being built here, which never got mentioned in the paper. None of these projects benefits me as a resident of Hollister. Keep us informed as our local newspaper. This is your job.
Rafael Ibarra, Hollister

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