Water Cooler: Do you support the Hollister motorcycle rally?

Hollister local Ernie Reyes relaxes on his Kawasaki Ninja 636 as he is consumed in a sea of motorcyles on San Benito Street during the Hollister Motorcycle Ralley July 5.

Panelists answered the following: Are you a supporter of the July 4 weekend motorcycle rally in downtown Hollister?
Nants Foley: I am a supporter. I go every year just to people watch.
Jim West: Like many residents, I support the “idea” of a motorcycle rally in downtown Hollister. It’s the process I don’t like. The rally has become a political football scrambled over by almost every group and interested party involved. But no matter how much it’s pushed and bent out of shape by competing interests—motorcycles, as they have always done, will come to Hollister on the Fourth of July.
Richard Herrera: I am. It is part of our community and many people enjoy it. I would like the event extended to three or four days.
Ruth Erickson: Yes! Bring back the original, three-day rally with all the excitement, biker games, competitions and other special events that put us “on the map.” Bring back the cherry picker for us to take aerial photos of the San Benito Street bike line-up and the separation of band music and beer gardens so that families can enjoy all the great music together. The daily guide kept people coming back for each event and the event packages were very popular for out-of-towners to remember their great experiences in “The Birthplace of the American Biker.”
Mary Zanger: Yes, only a little different. Let the motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy Bolado Park with parades, fun and games. Let the motorcyclists enjoy camping and the challenging ride to the Pinnacles National Park. Let them enjoy the off road facilities at Hollister Hills park. Let’s take back our downtown and invite exhibitors demonstrating sustainable energy innovation, all types of solar energy panels and wind machine manufacturers. Invite all area organic farmers to exhibit. Collect a booth fee. We can still host the motorcycle event, collect proper fees and prepare for the future with winners all around.
Cesar Flores: YES! The revenues made in the two days of the rally give our local businesses a big boost to sustain their business for the coming year. Those empty stores are not paying for themselves. The nonprofits involved also gain from the money spent by the visitors to the “Birthplace of the American Biker.” Not only do we get local visitors but international visitors as well. KEEP THE RALLY!

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