Letter: More DUI checkpoints needed

My name is Keith Snow and I am writing this letter because I want to get it out there that we need to really start cracking down and putting out more DUI checkpoints. I have said it before, but this is something I feel strongly about. I hardly saw any checkpoints during this past holiday season and I don’t understand why that is. We need to keep the streets safe and we could have made a lot of revenue. The city says they are doing all these wonderful, new things for the city and community but I do not see anything yet. I really hope they step up this year and really push for more public safety and coordinate a team. I have mentioned this to Chief Westrick and the captain as well; let’s get the explorer program going and involved. We can use active and non-active officers as well. Let’s straighten out our city. I was out traveling, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I did not see one checkpoint; if there was one I would have seen the flares out.
On Dec. 15 at the city council meeting, Assemblyman Luis Alejo said he wants to reach out and talk to the people. I have been trying to reach him for four years. I emailed him, left messages at his office to set up a meeting or even a return phone call and I received nothing in response. Also state Sen. Canella. I reached out to him as well. They have no way to truly interact with the citizens. Even here they pick and choose who they want to talk with and deal with. Money talks, but I am not for money; I will always be for the people.
There are other topics I want to talk about, even though it’s already over. Everyone knows what they did. Also, a farewell to Geri Johnson, city clerk. Good luck and have a good one. Again,
I did not receive any donations; I want to put that out there because I was placed under false accusations and now I have to be marked for that, something I did not do. But God is in my heart and he knows the truth about all. I hope to still have a chance at being a part of my community and city. I would love to volunteer for free to anyone who needs help, especially to create and fix our roads. It’s up to the mayor and city manager. Thank you very much.
Also, people do not realize you are what you eat, and I am still available to help anyone who wants to lose weight. I lost 65 pounds working out and eating right, all natural, drug free, no diet pills, and I will be more than happy to share my plan with anyone who is interested. San Benito County has a 72 percent obesity rate. Do not hesitate to email me [email protected] I also mentor a few people and I love doing it; there is more to it and I love to motivate people and get them on the right track.
I want to say thank you to the great staff at Hazel Hawkins and Ken Underwood. We have a great hospital and I appreciate all their help. The many times that I have been in there, they have always taken good care of me.
Keith Snow, Hollister

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