Water Cooler: Free tuition for community college?

Gavilan College holds classes at the Briggs Building.

Around the Water Cooler panelists answered the following: Do you agree with President Obama’s proposal to offer free tuition for community college to all students?
Jim West: Yes! The days when a high school education could get you a good job in America are long gone. The educational requirements of a citizen in the 21st century require more than our traditional 12 years of schooling—the country needs a tuition-free “Senior High School” if we want to develop a world-class workforce. 
Cesar Flores: YES! Education for our youth today will create a better future for our country. Some very talented youth fail to get an education due to economic reasons. As a former farmworker and a college graduate, thanks to the G.I. Bill, I know the value of a two-year degree to lead into higher learning.  
Ruth Erickson: Where does he think the money will come from? It’s not FREE! We, the people, will be paying higher taxes to cover the cost. It’s another one of his pipe dreams! 
Mary Zanger: Yes. We can finally support our youth with a free junior college education without them needing to join the military for a college education. Actually, the opportunity of free state college used to be the norm a few years ago. A renewed emphasis on education filters through the entire community creating a complexion of change on the economy and on the infrastructure with jobs and new skills available. Most of all, the debt burden on youth will be eliminated while generating more revenue for the government.

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